Prince Edward County

Department of Social Services


The Percentage of Income Payment Program (PIPP) helps eligible, Dominion Energy customers maintain their electric service by making utility bills affordable.

The monthly bill amount, or "PIPP Amount," for customers will be based on a percentage of the household's income and primary heating source.

  • 10% of gross monthly household income when the household has electricity as their primary heat source, or
  • 6% of gross monthly household income when the household does not have electricity as their primary heat source.

The first PIPP Amount will be due when the customer's account is enrolled in PIPP. If the customer is unable to pay at enrollment, the missed PIPP payment amount will be added to the next bill.

Eligibility Criteria for Assistance:

  • Must be a resident of the locality in which application is made
  • Must have an active electric account with Dominion Energy
  • More information and income limits can be found here:

How To Apply for PIPP?

Dominion Energy Customer Service staff can discuss your account and any existing payment plans to help you determine if you should apply for PIPP.

PIPP Application.pdf

If you suspect Fraud or Abuse of any kind, report it to your Local Department of Social Services, or call 1-800-552-3431.​​