1. Frequently requested telephone numbers:

            Child Support - (800)962-3492
                Appeal - (800)532-3431
                Fax - (800)468-8894
            SafeLink - (800)977-3768
            Social Security - (866)269-4346
            USDA (Rural Development) - (434)392-4906 EXT 125
            Virginia 211 - Dial 2-1-1

2. What is 211?

        2-1-1 is the fast, free and confidential way to locate hundreds of services in your community. When you dial 2-1-1, you will be connected to a trained professional, who can provide referrals to health and human services, including:
                            ~Basic human needs
                            ~Physical and mental health resources
                            ~Work initiatives
                            ~Support for seniors and those with disabilities
                            ~Support for children, youth and families
                            ~Volunteering in your community

3. Do I contact Prince Edward Department of Social Services for issues regarding Child Support?

        No, in Virginia, child support issues are handled through the Division of Child Support Enforcement. Please click on the link below to visit their website.

Child Support Enforcement Contact Information

4. How do I get a replacement EBT card?

There are two ways to replace a lost or damaged EBT card:

Call the 1-800# from the back of your card to have one mailed to you. Or;
Call your worker and leave them a voicemail with your name, your SNAP case #, and a message that you need a new EBT card. Remember to bring your ID when you pick up your card.
*Remember there is a $2.00 fee to replace an EBT card. This feel will be taken from your EBT balance.

5. Why didn't I receive my SNAP benefits?

There are a number of reasons why you did not get SNAP this month:

When did your certification period end? If you did not recertify your case timely, your benefits might have ended because your certification period ended.

Is an Interim Report due? If you did not return an Interim Report that was mailed to you, your case may have closed. Contact your worker to find out if you can still return the Interim Report, or if you need a replacement Interim Report.      

6. Why is my Medicaid card not working?

Have you moved recently but didn't report it? Sometimes Medicaid will close if mail is returned by the Post Office.

When were you due for renewal? Your Medicaid might have closed due to failure to complete renewal.

Which card did you present - the Managed Care Organization (MCO) card (such as VA Premier, Anthem, Optima) or the Blue and White Medicaid card? If you were using the MCO card, you may need to have the pharmacy submit the charge under "straight Medicaid" using the Blue and White Medicaid card. If neither works, contact your DSS worker.    

7. Why didn't I receive my TANF benefits?

When did your certification period end? If you did not recertify your case timely, your benefits might have ended because your certification period ended.
If you are a VIEW participant, has your case been sanctioned for not participating? Have you been following your required activity and service plan? Have you been cooperating with the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE)? Perhaps the amount of child support collected by DCSE has been higher than your TANF grant amount.

8. I'm moving away. What should I do about my benefits?

Are you moving within Virginia? Call your worker and let them know you are moving to another locality in Virginia; provide your new address and the County/City. Typically cases can be transferred between localities in Virginia with no change or gap in benefits or coverage. Some exceptions apply. Your worker will follow up with you.

Are you moving out of state? Call your worker before you move, or within 30 days of moving, and let them know you are moving out of state. Give them your new mailing address. SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid will be closed and you will have to apply for benefits in your new State. Your worker will follow up with you and mail you a notice verifying the effective date of your case closure.
It should be noted that child care cases do not transfer. Please call your child care worker to discuss prior to moving. 
9. Once I apply for benefits, how long does the process take?

For SNAP and TANF:  initial interviews will be scheduled within 7 days of application. In most cases, a decision on your SNAP application will be made in 30 days; in no case will it take longer than 60 days. You can shorten the length of time it takes by providing required verifications and documents as soon as possible. A decision on your TANF application must be made in 30 days.
For Medicaid: an interview is not required. Most applications will be acted upon within 45 days. If you have a pending disability determination it may take longer; Medicaid applications may stay valid for up to 180 days with a pending disability determination.

10. What are the income limits for SNAP? Medicaid? TANF?

The Federal Government sets the income limits for each program each year. Income limits vary based on household composition. Visit
https://commonhelp.virginia.gov/access/ and use the Am I Eligible tool to apply.

11. When can I apply for your energy assistance programs?

Fuel Assistance (helps with heating costs) runs from mid-December through the end of March each year, but applications are only accepted the 2nd Tuesday in October through the 2nd Friday in November.

Crisis Assistance (helps with emergency heating needs) has 2 phases. Phase 1 helps with the cost of repairing heating equipment; it runs November 1st - March 15th. Phase 2 includes Phase 1 and also helps with heating utility bill disconnects or low heating fuel and runs January 1st - March 15th. You can  apply for Phase 1 and Phase 2 during the program dates as stated above.

Cooling Assistance (helps with cost of cooling a home) runs June 15th - August 15th. Applications are accepted June 15th - August 15th.***You must have or be in need of cooling equipment and there must be an elderly person, disabled person, or a child under 6 living in the home***

Be aware that exact dates to apply can vary slightly from year to year. Applications can be picked up in the agency or mailed to you. You can also apply online at https://commonhelp.virginia.gov or call the call center at 1 (855) 635-4370. To have an application mailed: call the agency.


COVID-19:  Pandemic EBT Program Activation Instructions

Three options:

  1. Call 866-281-2448
  2. Visit connectebt.com/
  3. Download the ConnectEBT app on your mobile phone

When prompted:

  • Enter the 12-digit EBT card number located on the front of the card
  • Enter the date of birth of the oldest child receiving free or reduced meals. (You will need to enter the date of birth of the oldest child receiving free or reduced meals.)
  • Enter 0000 when asked for the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). (If at any time the full SSN is needed, it will be 000-00-0000)
  • Enter a four-digit pin number (four numbers you will remember)

If you have any questions regarding your participation in this program, please contact: 804-726-7000.

Prince Edward County

Department of Social Services